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Eva Gabrielsson

In this interview by the Swedish national televsision, Stieg Larsson's life companion Eva Gabrielsson reveals the truth behind the man that was Stieg Larsson. She discusses her claims in the controversy surrounding Stieg's legacy as well as her claims for a part of the royalty. 

Eva Gabrielsson is about to pubslish a book about her life after the sudden death of Stieg Larsson called Stieg & Moi. Stieg & Moi is written by Eva Gabrielsson and Marie Francois Colombani and comes out the 19 Jan 2011. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has read a rawcopy of the book and can reveal several interesting scoops.

Eva says in the book that she could finish the fourth manuscript but is, as of this moment unable to due to the legal dispute between her and Stieg Larsson's father and brother. The Swedish title of the fourh book is also told, and is said to be "Guds hämd" (english translation: God's revenge).

In the interview with the Swedish national television Eva Gabrielsson talks about how she was often afraid of something terrible to happen, that Stieg would be murdered because of his political views and actions.

"I always thought that the police would come and tell me that he had been shot or stabbed to death".

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The Girl in the Spiders Web was disappointing Salander was mentioned but she was never there.It was NOT in contact with Stieg Larssons Lisbeth . Eva could have & should have written the book continuing on from Stieg's 3 books she knew Lisbeth

- Edith von der Heide, 24 November 2015

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Dear Eva,

If anyone in the world is to finish writing the fourth book, it would and should be you. It's crazy to me that these books Steig wrote are much about injustices, and look at what is happening...

I am sorry that on top of all that you have lost, you are now fighting forces of evil; these people who call themselves Steig's 'family' who proved over and over that they do not (and did not) care about Steig's life, his work, or his well being and peace of mind - only the money they can suckle out of his work. It makes me blood boil!

Yours and Steig's work has touched me, both of you an inspiration to never give up and to keep fighting for the things that are important. Thank you to both of you for all that you have done to contribute important positive changes in this world. Please know you have so much support from around the world! Much love -M

- M. Darrough, 18 November 2015

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Hi Eva,

I'm going to have to reread the first three books of the Millenium series again just to get the atrocity of Lagercrantz's characterization of Lisbeth out of my head. I didn't know that Stieg Larsson's estate went to his brother and father with whom he had an estranged relationship. His longterm partner whom he never married told The Daily Beast that Stieg had already begun a fourth book and never would have wanted another author to finish his work. And while I loved the first three books, this one did not feel right or good at all. Lagercrantz's idea of Lisbeth had no depth and talked too much. And we didn't see her much as we did in the other books. Her interaction with August was superficially written and did not sound like our bad-ass, vigilante hacker. I regret reading this book.

Furthermore, we knew that Lisbeth had a sister who had supposedly moved to France years ago. That was all that Holger Palmgren had told Mikael when Mikael had visited him in the nursing home. The idea that Lagercrantz decided to go back and create something that didn't exist is absurd.

- Melissa, 16 November 2015

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Dear Eva, first let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your partner. I read that you had an active part in conversations pertaining to the books with Steig as he was writing them. Not only did you lose him, but what you went through with his family is just so wrong. I first heard about the book series prior to them being released in the u.s. during an interview on charlie rose. I could not wait to read them! I read the second two in one weekend. I did not even get dressed!I that you felt that David Lagercranz was a poor choice to write the fourth book. You were so right! I made the mistake of purchasing the book and am unable to even finish the first chapter. Steig instantly had me with the great dialog that he was able to write and this new book is stilted and dull. I hope you find peace.

- marla weatherson, 3 November 2015

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Dear Eva:

My husband and I have just finished "The Girl In the Spiders Web". We so looked forward to the continuation of Lisbeth Salander etc. We have read all the books and seen all the movies and were enthralled.

First let me say I was disappointed that you would not be able to continue the work as you would have been the most qualified. Obviously, it was not to be!

David Lagerrantz's book was good but Lisbeth was not there? I could not find Steig's view of her character. The book seemed contrived and pressured to be something it could not be. I will continue with the future efforts with Steig's character's and movies but will hope that you could publish the works. Dealing with family is never easy! God bless you and we live in hope.

- Priscilla Barker, Florida, USA, 15 October 2015

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I will not buy the new novel unless I hear that Eva will get some of the royalties. It seems that the only relationship that Stieg had with his father and brother was after his death, when they became "close" to a fortune. Shame on them!!!!

- Escapeartist13, 6 September 2015

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Mrs. Gabrielssons comments on the father and brother of the late Stieg Larsson is libel. The Messr. Larsson have been most generous to her, yet they are treated with nothing but contempt and ridicule from this presumptiuos woman. The word megalomania comes to mind.

- Oakenleaves, 29 August 2015


- Ron, 8 September 2015

Definitely BULLSHIT

- Carole, 30 October 2015, 30 October 2015

After the humiliation they put her through? Wow, bullshit indeed.

Ha! Having similar genetic makeup code isn't gonna make people recognize you as 'family', family is the people who care about one another and put each other's happiness before anything else - no matter what the damn 'law' says.

We are talking about justice for the person who supported Steig through out his life of back breaking work. Not the asshole's who swooped in after his death to grab all they can out of his bank account. No matter how much you coat bullshit on it, the truth will leak out. It's the way of the world.

- Meg, 18 November 2015

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I loved his books, and the movies and can't wait to read "The girl in the spider's web"....the manuscript he was working on when he died. I think what his father and brother was despicable and believe in karma...they will get theirs.

- M.Auld, 3 August 2015

I read that the other author David wrote the fourth on his own. Or am I mistaken?

- Tara Lawrence-Stuart, 15 September 2015

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I love his works they are so fantastic, I can't wait till the girl in the spider's web comes out althouth he didn't really write it wouldn't exist without him

- , 2 May 2015

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I am so saddened to read that the life companion is being prevented from fulfilling the life work of her lost soul mate. this is unconscionable and besmirches the work of Stieg Larsson. Shame on his relatives!

- Laurie Hart, Seattle, 29 November 2014

Greed raises its ugly head again. Soon as he died, his father and brother moved in to take everything away from his life partner, she was with him for 20 odd years. Despicable human beings but greed rules again.

- M.Auld, 3 August 2015

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