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The Movies

"The girl with the dragon tattoo" has been a major hit. It's been said that the film has a projected earning of impressive $56 million.

Both Rooney MaraDaniel Craig, writer Steve Zaillian and director David Fincher are signed on to all three movies. Columbia studios has stated that the trilogy will be shot back to back.
Release date for the next film has only been set to 2013.  

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Director: David Fincher
Writer: Steve Zaillian
Producers: Scott Rudin, Ole Sondberg, Sören Staermos
Premiere Date: 12th Dec 2011 (London)
14th Dec 2011 (New York City)
Release Date: 20th Dec 2011 (USA, Canada)
21th Dec 2011 (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)
Rooney Mara Lisbeth Salander
Daniel Craig Mikael Blomkvist
Stellan Skarsgård Martin Vanger
Christopher Plummer Henrik Vanger
Robin Wright Erika Berger
Steven Berkoff Dirch Frode
Yorick van Wageningen Nils Bjurman
Joely Richardson Anita Vanger
Goran Visnjic Dragan Armansky
Tony Way Plague

Critics and reviews

Since the premiere of "The girl with the dragon tattoo" on December 12'th in London the reviews have been good. Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander) has been highly praised and has become one of Hollywoods most wanted.  

Production timeline

Columbia will do a total re-write based on the books, rather than a translation of the original Swedish script. Steve Zaillian, the writer of the script for "Schindler's list" is contracted as the writer of the script.

Director will be David Fincher, the man who gave us Fight Club, Se7en and Alien3.

The first movie, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", is said to be released the 21'st December 2011 in USA, Canada and in Sweden

The movie had premiere on December 12 in London, American premiere on December 14'th in New York City.


The three awarded Swedish language films in the Millenium-thrilogy have previously been released in Europe and in the U.S. They have altogether taken in more than $100 million worldwide. This has made the american film industry realize the economic potential in the project.

In February 2010, Columbia Pictures signed a deal with the Swedish production company Yellow Bird, which owns the cinematic rights to the three books, and Stieg Larsson's father Erland Larsson and brother Joakim Larsson. Joakim Larsson commented the deal in a Swedish newspaper "We get to stay in control for most parts, which seems to be quite unusual in Hollywood. But it was important to us, we didn't want this to turn into too much of a 'business-thing', we feared that he (Stieg Larsson) would be exploited".

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Does anyone know the actress who played Martin Vanger's girlfriend Eva and why she is not credited nor on any cast list???

- apg6815, 2 April 2013

yeah, she was a total fox

- dogbackwardisgod, 30 September 2013

yeah she was a total fox!!!!

- nicole, 1 May 2014

In the Hollywood version, Martin Vanger's girlfriend is called Liv not Eva. Arly Jover played her.

The Swedish version has Cecilia, Martin and Harriett's cousin at dinner with Martin and Mikael. This version doesn't mention that Martin had a girlfriend.

- Rich, 15 May 2014

Yes I wondered too, why she was not mentioned. Even in the 2nd movie one of the characters was not mentioned at all though they do appear in the film! Is this deliberate or again just an oversight?

- Rory, 1 August 2014

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the US version was kind of boring and not full of all real facts, i love the swedish version because it,s characters were just great and the version itself was just so brilliant...

- maria-Trisha Nghikumwa, 5 oktober 2012

I prefer the Swedish version also. The "beautiful" faces of Daniel Craig and others is no added value - Swedish actors are more credible.

Congratulations to the Swedish film artists & producers. The business figures also look much better (see in Wikipedia/ Mojo data).

- Mihael G. Tomšič, 7 januari 2013

I hate the swedish version, cast is awfull and mood is diferent in the way I imagined the books.. I love the US cast. Thinks it's perfect. But well, it's just an opinion.

- Rocket Summers, 22 May 2013

I am British and also thought the Swedish version did a better job of creating the visual story of the book. It captured the mood, whilst it also managed to project a more faithful version of the characters. The screenplay in the American version was in my view superficial; poorly representing the essence of the book.

- SueTandT, 19 October 2013

I am American. I love the Swedish version! So so much better! I don't mind reading subtitles for 9 hrs in the extended Swedish version. Repace and Nyquist just blew me away with their performances!

- Cindy Garland, 7 July 2014

I agree. I still want to see the other 2 Hollywood ones, but I really liked the Swedish ones better. Less glowy make up and for me, Daniel Craig is so typecast as an ultra competent spy that it was hard to see him acting as a sometimes bumbling Michael Blomkvist.

- DIMOJABE, 12 September 2014

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By exploited they mean not like how their conducting HIS business ? Both versions are good & both changed for editing purposes so get over it that's movie biz !! Never as good as the books , so that said let Ms Gabrielsson write the 4th damn book !!

- oljedi, 6 september 2012

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PS. I only hope the next US film also stays true to the facts in the book!

- Caz Mac, 18 augusti 2012

Movie is fine! I hope the second so anxious!

- Rocket Summers, 22 May 2013

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Rubbish! I thought the US version more true factually to the book, only changing the last detail about Anita and Harriet ( I guess due to the limitation of the film time and which also the Swedish film also did) The Swedish version was ok but it changed alot of the original facts. Did you actually read the book??

- Caz Mac, 18 augusti 2012

I've read all the books, and you don't make any sense to me. The atmosphere in the Swedish films is MUCH closer to the books than the American version could ever dream of.

- Korrigan, 6 April 2013

I disagree with you. I think mood in the American movie is just perfect, and in Swedish let so much to be desired.

- Rocket Summers, 22 May 2013

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I loved the swedish version. Just great! The girl playing Lisbeth was JUST RIGHT! The US version was kind of boring and superficial to me. I didn't get "caught" by it and Lisbeth was a "wrong" type.

- Charlotte, 17 juli 2012

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I want to read the fourth one. :(

- Christy., 16 June 2012

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Will there be follow-up movies. I thought the casting was perfect. Hope to see the american version of the second and third stories.

- Lavinia, 13 June 2012

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the most thrilling books i have ever read at times i found it almost impossible to put down.what great pity he never got chance to fulfill is dream of ten books

- nfwatson, 23 May 2012

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What's the music? Sounds abit like Hednigarna

- Taff, 21 May 2012

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