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Review of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson

Marital problems!

the book they were all holding was Les hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes"

The book has been sitting near my bed for a month now (a gift from my son) before I finally decided to pick it up. Actually my first encounter with the book was in the summer of 2007 at a beach in south of France. It could have been a perfect ad for the book... Imagine women and men tanning on their chaises longues, sipping water and concentrating on reading. Nothing strange about this image. However, the book they were all holding was Les hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)! No exception. Even my best friend was reading it. I pointed it out to her and nonchalantly she said "I know" (kind of pointing out... isn't everyone in NY reading it as well?). Hell NO!

On my way back home, the airport bookstores had a unique display of the book that had an oddly and stern looking girl on the cover. I kept on debating whether I should buy the version in French or wait till I went back to NY... So, I waited for two and a half years! Big mistake! What was I thinking? When everyone tells you it is an excellent book, just read it. Amazing! After spending three sleepless nights reading it and fighting with my cranky husband over "going to bed early and lights off early" I managed to fly away from life and be completely immersed in the plot! RIP Stieg, you are a genius! Did he ever know that his book was going to have such an effect on people's emotions? I wonder...


Submitted: 9 Mars 2010

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This is what happened to me. My niece-in-law gave me the books this past holiday in 2103. I had nobly marginally known about them. I was staying with family and kept reading and reading and reading. I could not put whichever book that I was reading down. It took mea about three days to read them and I loved them — all of them. Especially the ending of the third book. I was impressed with Lisbeth's accomplishments and her disdain for convention. It takes a special person to pull that off. I think about her as being real. I love reading, but have always been able to separate the characters as fiction. This time, I have not. She lives in my mind. i wonder how she is getting on and then I remember, oh, her creator is dead. It is a bit surreal.

- Ann in WA UsA, 30 Mars 2014

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