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The unfinished manuscript

The status of the unfinished books

When Stieg started writing the Millennium series, he laid an outline of a total of ten books. Before his death in November 2004, he had finished the first three books and was well underway with the fourth. In an email written to a friend a month before his death, Stieg says that he has finished about half of the fourth book. Stieg says that he has written the beginning and the end, but that the middle part is not finished yet.

Many readers have asked if Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg's life companion, could finish the fourth book, as she was deeply involved in the writing while Stieg was still alive. Eva herself is very positive, however, Swedish jurisdiction obstructs such a solution.

Stieg & Moi

The book "Stieg & Moi", written by Eva Gabrielsson and Marie Francois Colombani comes out the 19 Jan 2011. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has read a rawcopy of the book and can reveal several interesting scoops.

Eva says in the book that she could finish the fourth manuscript but is, as of this moment unable to due to the legal dispute between her and Stieg Larsson's father and brother. The Swedish title of the fourh book is also told, and is said to be "Guds hämd" (english translation: God's revenge).

Aftonbladet has earlier published the news that the fourth book would take place in Canada, about 75 miles (120km) north of Sauchs Harbour on Banks Island. It is also told that the fourth script would mainly focus on Lisbet Salander, and how her personality changes when she starts to deal with her conflicts from the past. Her tattoos are explained and you are told that each and everyone represent a person who has hurt her throughout her life, both mentally and physically.

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I have read, re-read,and am planning to read again! That's the power of words...words of stieg larsson-very ably translated into English.Yes,I am awaiting the fourth book very eagerly! Who should complete the book? Who else but stieg's companion in life and writing?

- Manmohan Reddy, 6 November 2015

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oh I want these books desperately. I have all 3 of dragon books I am SA but apparently last 2 books not published here in SA yet

- Thelma Kloppers, 4 October 2015

All four books available in South Africa.

-, 6 October 2015

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The reviews of the new book "The Girl in the Spider's Web", written by an author picked by his "estate", make the book sound like a real continuation of the first three books. Those reviews come from book critics, not the general readership. Readers have given the book pretty bad reviews, not liking the story line, the way the main characters are portrayed, or the obvious loose ends that predict more books by this author. Their overall disappointment has made me decide not to buy the book. I don't think the "estate" will ever let Eva be a part of continuing a really great trilogy.

- Kate, Colorado, USA, 28 September 2015

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- , 27 September 2015

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Hi Everyone, I have just seen "The Girl in the Spiders Web" advertised and need to know if this is the anticipated 4th book, or someone trying to "cash in" on a brilliant authors untimely end. Has anyone read it yet?

Have been eagerly awaiting the 4th book, but only interested if it has been endorsed by Eva. Can somebody please let me know about this book as to its authenticity.

- Steve (Australia), 3 September 2015

Just read the "4th" book.

So disappointing.

The first three books: I could hardly put them down, and actually skipped sleep one night because I wanted to know what happened. When I finished the third book, I felt the emptiness, the sorrow, that it was over.... The "what now".

So I was looking forward to the new book, hoping it would be just near the originals.

But NO.... Not as well written, the plot really not that interesting, and boring. Measured by.... Easy to put down, would rather play board game with my family, really says it all....

I guess it was too much to hope for.

But somebody should be ashamed of themselves, trying to cash in on the legacy.... They should rather have left it alone.

- AK, from Ashbourne, UK, 4 September 2015

4th book is totally game for millions there is no addition from S. L 's life partner

- oıoıoıoıo, 6 September 2015

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It's a shame because clearly the person that Stieg lived with knew where he wanted to take the story next. I have loved these books and read them again and again. At times something would come up and I would think "oh Stieg, I see what you are saving for your next book!"

It is very sad that Stieg's family cannot find a way to work with the person he shared his life with.

- Sharon, 28 August 2015

I totally agree. The father and brother should feel ashamed.

- N.S-J., 27 November 2015

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- Helen mb Loftus, 27 August 2015

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Hej Hej, Two weeks to go and I am quite nervous - there is no doubt that I will be getting the 4th book and am hoping to hell & heaven that it will be good. No advanced copies have been released, NO reviews, hmmmm? The world is waiting!

- Artur, 16 August 2015

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Please let the most qualified writer finish the books. Whoever Stieg wanted should be the choice because he was the best judge. The books are great, I've read them twice and watched all of the movies. THe character of Lisbeth salander is the most interestiing one of any recent fiction.\


- JOAN HAGBURG, 2 August 2015

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I am not interested in reading the fourth book, as father and brother have acted appalling ....Stieg wanted his partner to finish the book, not his father nor his brother they had no right to interfer

- Vikki shardlow, 2 May 2015

I had a chance to buy the fourth novel but instead bought "the psychology of the girl with the dragon tattoo" which was a kind of strange collection of psychologists discussing this unlikely heroine. I had heard of bad reviews ("too much tech talk, too esoteric," etc.). So if I ever read it, it will be when it comes to our library. The only version I will buy to add to the much-re-read trilogy on my bookshelf will be Stieg's and Eva's, OK?

- Tara Lawrence-Stuart, 14 September 2015

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