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Boxed set edition of the Millennium Trilogy.

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Review of Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson

Wow What a read!

Wow What a read!"

Never have I enjoyed picking up a book as I have over the last few weeks as I ingested The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,wolfed down The Girl Who Played with Fire and devoured The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Such wonderfully written, edge of your seat, can't put 'em down books! My only hope is that Eva manages to get that fourth book -God's Revenge - published in Stieg's memory but retains the rights to herself. Such a loss...I was never so sad as I turned to the last page in the book, knowing there may not be any more...Go Eva Go...Stieg is watching you with approval I am sure!

Jane i Toronto

Submitted: 24 January 2012

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